Branding and print

zoa @Home

Zoa Moroccan Kitchen is a new restaurant concept in Houston. Created by Moroccan Chef Youssef Nafaa, Zoa is one of the only Moroccan restaurants located in the Houston area.

The Zoa @Home campaign was created so that customers can make their own Zoa meals at home from ready to eat ingredients. In order to promote this new campaign, I was tasked with creating a short promo video for social media and youtube and a printed brochure.

Promo Video

The video needed to be attention grabbing and quick so that customers can easily grasp the concept and make a buying decision in just a few seconds. I used a fast-paced beat and quick video cuts to keep our audience watching the video as well as created visually appealing text.

Brochure Design

The zoa @Home brochures were created to educate potential customers about nutrition, the various meal plans and the Zoa @Home concept. I wanted the design to be sleek and legible. Images are used to entice physical and visual hunger for the brand.