Arete Student Academic Journal

Print Publication

For the 2019 edition of my universities academic journal, I was the senior designer in charge of production and printing. This year we decided that the theme would be based on the greek background of the word “arete,” meaning excellence above all else. Through my research, I decided I would use a classic greek key, for a bit of patterning and greek architecture for images. My junior designer this year had the great idea to feature illustrations of various greek muses throughout the publication.

For the typesetting we came to a conclusion of using a strong serif for the body text and a bold sans-serif for titles. There are five different writing pieces in the journal so the junior designer created five unique drawings to accompany each story. Paper choice was very important, since we wanted strong colors that would again, relate back to the greek theme. We chose a burgundy linen paper for the cover and a white vellum paper for the text stock. We were able to get a beautiful gold foil to make the cover pop and have a little bit of texture.

Client: Arete Student Academic Journal

Goal: To design and print the 2019 edition of Arete, a publication at St. Edward’s University.

Role: Art Direction, theme, layout, image creation, and typesetting