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Camellia Tea Box

Brand Identity

Project Background

Camellia Tea Box is a tea subscription that focuses on environmental sustainability. The brand needed to feel approachable and environmentally conscious. Because of this, the packaging, branding, and business model needed to reflect eco-friendly ideals.

The subscription works by allowing users to choose from a variety of loose leaf teas that are shipped in a reusable tea tin and packaging. Each box can be chosen online or through an order card which will be shipped back and forth in the mail. Each time tea is shipped, the same packaging is used (unless damaged).

My Role

  • Customer Research
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging

Camellia Tea Box was created as a practice project. I worked on as the sole designer and “business owner” which includes all customer research, content creation, branding, and packaging. 

Solution & Impact

The brand came together by using a cute bird mascot along with clean and minimalist fonts in handwritten style, serif, and sans serif. I chose to use light and airy colors that symbolize sustainability and simplicity. Blue for water and green for plants and earth which is where tea comes from. I kept everything clean so that the customers who are busy and frazzled are able to experience the brand without being overwhelmed by choice and busy packaging.

The original tea tin designs are supposed to be something the customer feels good about displaying in their homes. The pattern library can then be expanded to feature more options.

Patterns created for our tea tin wraps. Rather than having a clunky container for our users tea, they can choose from various patterns that are lovely and fun.

Process Work: My original design for the tea tin pattern and logo font. I wanted it to be floral and pretty, both for aesthetics and connecting to the plant-based nature of the product.

The final moodboard for my brand of tea. Using script and serif typefaces to show that this is a upscale brand while still being accessible.