Sabrina Smith

Creating meaningful design in a visually saturated world.

coco crêpes, waffles & coffee

Holiday Campaigns

Coco Crêpes Waffles & Coffee is a crêperie/cafe with 9 locations in the Houston area. Coco’s is a European delight that brought crêpes into the Houston spotlight.

The holidays are a great time to entice customers to come in the store and we do that creating various campaigns. From selling mugs to limited time treats, I am in charge of designing and photographing the marketing materials that we will use.

My role

Graphic design, photography, social media  

For Valentine’s day 2020, we decided to sell a 3-pack box of jumbo macarons in various flavors. My job was to create social media graphics and an in-store poster. I wanted to show customers what they would recieve in a fun and delicious looking way.

I was also in charge of designing branded materials such as mugs to sell. I have created a general purpose Coco bear mug, breast cancer awareness mug, and Valentine’s Day mug. For these I focused on creating designs that people would love having in their homes while still reminding them of the restaurant.