Sabrina Smith

Creating meaningful design in a visually saturated world.


Roommate Chore App
BREIF: To create an app.
This was a class project in collaboration with 3 other classmates. We decided to create a chore tracking app that could be used by roommates or families that would encourage individuals to keep on top of their chores. 
ROLE: UI/UX Designer
I created wireframes and the basic layout of the app and helped with theme and name choice.

We wanted to make a fun app that looks good while still being functional in order to attract the young college student crowd.

There is a calendar, task list, and competition feature that allows roommates to taunt one another. We also wanted to allow different ways of organization of tasks: by room (kitchen, living room, bath, etc) and by due date and who the chore is assigned to.

For the user interaction, I wanted to make something easy to navigate that was indicative of other apps while still feeling exciting. I wanted to integrate a calendar system that would allow different view options. The tasks would be broken up into various categories as well.