Sabrina Smith Design

Office of Information Technology at St. Edward’s University Posters and Social Media 

Poster and social media graphics

BREIF: To create a poster and various social media graphics for the IT department’s various events on campus.

NSCAM DESIGN: Since October is National Cyber Security Awareness month, I decided to design using a Halloween theme. I wanted to create a fun scene that would catch viewers eyes. 


SOLAR PHONE CHARGER EVENT DESIGN: I wanted to evoke a feeling of urgency and excitement in my poster. Students should be intrigued and have all their questions answered. The poster does this by demanding attention and stating its intent very quickly. 


CUSTOMER SERVICE INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN: I wanted to create something that could be easily referenced while still being interesting. Icons allow the viewer to quickly take in information while the subdued colors allow for easy skimming.


CANVAS FACULTY MEETUP DESIGN: Because this event was going to occur near Spring Break, I wanted to create a beachy, spring break vibe that would remind professors of the time of year and evoke a sense of fun for the event rather than a dull meeting about technology.


WHICH TOOL SHOULD I USE?: This graphic was created to show St. Edward’s faculty and students the best use of each storage tool available. I focused on making the design legible and easy to follow, with a flow chart and check boxes to ensure readability.