Sabrina Smith Design

Laguna Gloria

The waves of laguna book

This project was the culmination of my research on Laguna Gloria. On the site sits a house built by Clara Driscoll and her husband, two prominent Austin residents and art enthusiasts in the early 20th century. 

My book is a murder mystery taking place in from the 1920’s through the 1930’s. I wanted to write a murder mystery because I wanted to create something fictional and fun. I used real people and places in the story, but the events that transpired did not happen.

I chose to use only reds in my design to represent blood, love, and loss which are the main themes of the story. I also wanted it to be interactive and bring the reader more into the story. I created a few artifacts that were “found” by various characters in the story and slipped them into an envelope for the reader to peruse while they read. The book is supposed to have a classy and simplistic feel with a solid cover and elegant design elements throughout the book.

First draft of cover
Laguna Gloria Book and Materials
First draft of content